Reverse Osmosis System

We offer a wide range of reverse osmosis systems (RO) that find applications in various industries, hospitals, hotels, educational institutions and community drinking water projects . RO systems are used for eliminating suspended particles & dissolved solids, metals, ions, inorganic, organic & various bacterial contaminants present in the water. Widely known for effective performance and high efficiency our products are also cost effective. Reverse osmosis is a membrane separation process in which feed water flows along the membrane surface under pressure. Purified water permeates the membrane and is collected, while the concentrated water, containing dissolved and undissolved material that does not flow through the membrane, is discharged as reject water.

Reverse osmosis is the only answer to a cost effective water purification system. The process of reverse osmosis (RO) represents the finest level of liquid filtration available today.

RO systems are fully automatic and do not use chemicals and hence are an immediate source of pure water. The biggest advantage being able to handle waters with TDS of 100ppm to 60,000ppm, compared with distillation. Reverse Osmosis is far less expensive than ion exchange process and can still remove 99% of dissolved solids.


We offer the units in the following capacities as per customer requirements
  • 10 ltrs/Hr. Domestic Reverse Osmosis units.
  • 100 – 500ltrs/Hr. Small Reverse Osmosis units.
  • 500 – 5000ltrs/Hr. Compact Reverse Osmosis units.
  • 5000 – 50000ltrs/Hr. Industrial Reverse Osmosis plant.